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Financial Planning Services
*Advice provided by Dollar Growth Financial Planning Pty. Ltd. as Corporate Authorised Representative (321108) of PJSBA Pty Ltd. AFSL: 480991 ABN 57 606 215 356.

Philip Enger (Number 239393), Simon Enger (Number 274975), and Handan Dikici (Number 288307) are authorised representatives of PJSBA Pty Ltd.

Other Professional Services
**Professional services advice other than Financial Planning advice, are licensed by their own individual Professional Associations and are therefore not endorsed by PJSBA Pty Ltd. as annotated above.



Dollar Growth Financial Group** is a unique and dynamic financial services organisation.

We offer specialist financial planning* advice for individuals and businesses, and for all stages of life. We ensure not only that the formative family and wealth producing years lead strategically to a secure income stream in retirement, but that all assets accumulated over a life time are protected by tax effective well designed Wills and Estate Plans.

The working relationship of Dollar Growth Financial Planning* within Dollar Growth Financial Group** and the approach taken by staff to client issues reflects the unique way advice is gathered and communicated.

The central focus of the business is Dollar Growth Financial Planning*, however when issues of strategic importance arise, supportive Professional Services** are necessary to provide clients with an overarching advice framework, including Tax and Accounting, Business Services, Estate Planning and Mortgage loans for home and business. These services are called upon to provide advice as required**.

These separate business units together with Dollar Growth Financial Planning* make up the structural components of Dollar Growth Financial Group**.

When the need arises during the financial planning* process our professional services partners** are immediately called upon to assist and problem solve. This Team approach has proven to be very effective and cost efficient.

We can therefore guarantee that the package of measures worked out for any person’s particular financial circumstances and needs will not involve any 'off the shelf' solutions, but will be crafted as a special and unique event by our group of experts working together as a Team.

We call this approach ‘Advice for Life’ that is formally expressed in our ‘Vision and Mission Statements.’


Crucial to how Dollar Growth Financial Group** operates is this concept of layering advice as necessary, to achieve an overall coherent financial outcome that is capable of providing ongoing financial stability and peace of mind. For example: personal and business tax issues impinge on a raft of other financial arrangements that also flow onto wealth creation issues and retirement plans, etc. Identifying and implementing best-fit solutions are capable of yielding enormous long-term advantages.



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